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Lisa Kudrow Thanks Matthew Perry for ‘the Best 10 Years a Person Gets to Have’ – Vulture | Lisa Kudrow’s Heartfelt Tribute to Matthew Perry: A Decade of Unforgettable Friends Moments

Lisa Kudrow Expresses Gratitude to Matthew Perry for Unforgettable 10 Years on “Friends”

In a heartwarming tribute, actress Lisa Kudrow expressed her profound gratitude towards her former “Friends” co-star Matthew Perry for what she described as “the best 10 years a person gets to have.” Kudrow took to social media to share a nostalgic photo featuring herself and Perry at the NBC upfronts event.

The photo, taken shortly after shooting the pilot episode of the immensely popular sitcom “Friends,” captures a moment of joy and anticipation. Kudrow’s tribute to Perry beautifully takes us back to the beginning, when the chemistry and camaraderie among the cast members began to blossom.

“Friends” resonated deeply with audiences all over the world, and Kudrow reminisced about the fateful moment when they learned that the show had been picked up. “Shot the pilot, ‘Friends Like Us,’ got picked up, and then immediately we were at the NBC upfronts,” she wrote, highlighting the rapid rise to stardom they experienced as a tight-knit ensemble.

The photo shared by Kudrow is a powerful reminder of the friendships forged on the set of “Friends,” which translated seamlessly onto the small screen. The show became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the hearts of millions with its relatable characters and witty writing.

While Kudrow’s tribute acknowledges the remarkable success of the show, her focus remains on the gratitude she feels towards Perry, who brought the character of Chandler Bing to life. The undeniable chemistry between Kudrow’s ditzy and lovable Phoebe Buffay and Perry’s sarcastic yet endearing Chandler remains unforgettable to this day.

As fans eagerly await the upcoming “Friends” reunion special, where the beloved cast will come together once more, Kudrow’s tribute serves as a meaningful reminder of the lasting impact of their iconic roles.

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