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Kevin Bacon pig news: Gettysburg swine finally captured with sticky bun filled with pet-safe Benadryl after 18 days on the lam – WPVI-TV | a pig named Kevin Bacon is finally captured in Gettysburg

“Pig Named Kevin Bacon Gains National Attention After an 18-Day Escapade in Gettysburg”

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – In a daring escapade that captured the nation’s attention, a pig named Kevin Bacon managed to evade capture for a remarkable 18 days. The hunt for the elusive swine came to an end when authorities cunningly used a sticky bun filled with pet-safe Benadryl to secure his apprehension.

Beginning in Gettysburg, Kevin Bacon’s adventure soon reached far beyond the town’s borders as his story gained widespread media coverage. Even Philadelphia native and renowned actor, Kevin Bacon himself, joined the efforts to bring the wandering pig back home.

After nearly three weeks on the lam, Kevin Bacon was finally captured, much to the relief of the local community and animal lovers nationwide. The unconventional method of securing the pig’s capture involved offering him a tempting treat – a sticky bun filled with pet-safe Benadryl.

Authorities, determined to end Kevin Bacon’s escapade, carefully planned the operation. The use of the safe sedative in the sticky bun ensured that the pig would be safely immobilized without causing harm or distress. With this clever strategy, they successfully apprehended the elusive swine.

This captivating tale of Kevin Bacon’s escapade serves as a reminder of the unexpected adventures that can unfold in even the most ordinary of places. The local community rallied together to support the search efforts, and the nation followed along eagerly, hoping for a safe resolution.

While Kevin Bacon’s escapade had a happy ending, it also sheds light on the importance of responsible animal ownership and ensuring the safety of our animal companions. The incident serves as a reminder for pet owners to securely confine their animals to prevent them from wandering away and potentially getting into dangerous situations.

As the news of Kevin Bacon’s capture spreads, the community can now breathe a sigh of relief, grateful for the successful resolution of a captivating story that gained national attention.

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