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GM, Ford slip after UAW warns of more walkouts, analysts say deal is close – Reuters | UAW Warns of More Walkouts as Shares of Ford and GM Slip: Update on Industry Negotiations

Shares of US automakers Ford Motor and General Motors slipped about 1% each in morning trade on October 23rd. The dip came after the United Auto Workers (UAW) union warned of more walkouts if a deal is not reached soon. Analysts believe that a deal between the UAW and the automakers is close, but the uncertainty has caused some investors to sell off their positions in the companies. This news follows a series of strikes and walkouts at various General Motors facilities across the United States. The UAW is currently negotiating with the automakers on issues such as wages, job security, and healthcare benefits. These negotiations are seen as pivotal for the future of the US automotive industry and could have a significant impact on the financial performance of both Ford and General Motors.

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