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Travis Scott Lost Phone Needed for Astroworld Case in Ocean – Vulture | OST PHONE FOUND AT BOTTOM OF OCEAN – ASTROWORLD CASE UPDATE!

Travis Scott’s Lost Phone, Key Evidence in Astroworld Case, Found at the Bottom of the Ocean

In a surprising turn of events, it has been revealed that Travis Scott’s cell phone, which has been sought after as crucial evidence in the ongoing civil litigation surrounding his Astroworld festival, is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. This revelation was made by the rapper’s attorney during a recent court hearing.

The lost phone is believed to contain vital information, including text messages, that could shed light on the series of tragic events that unfolded during the ill-fated Astroworld festival in 2021. Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Scott had been hoping to review these texts as part of their case, but the phone’s underwater location has made it nearly impossible.

Due to the unavailability of Travis Scott’s own texts, the legal team now intends to rely on messages from his manager, David Stromberg, to gain insight into Scott’s actions and decisions leading up to the festival. While this is not an ideal substitute, it is hoped that these alternative sources of information can still provide valuable context.

The loss of the phone and the unavailability of Travis Scott’s personal texts may pose a challenge for both sides in the litigation. The plaintiffs had been counting on the potential revelations from Scott’s communications to strengthen their case against the rapper. On the other hand, Scott’s legal team will have to navigate the absence of his phone records to present their defense effectively.

The Astroworld festival, held in Houston, Texas, in November 2021, resulted in a tragic incident that claimed the lives of ten concertgoers and left many others injured. Ever since, legal proceedings have been underway to determine responsibility and seek justice for those affected.

As the legal battle continues, the discovery of Travis Scott’s lost phone at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico adds a new layer of complexity to the case. It remains to be seen how this unexpected development will impact the course of the ongoing civil litigation, and whether the information contained within the lost phone will have any significant bearing on the final outcome.

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