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Eddie Hearn rips Daniella Hemsley’s boob flash as others come to defend: ‘We live in a f*cking mental world’

Daniella Hemsley, a 23-year-old OnlyFans star and aspiring boxer, caused a stir during her recent Kingpyn Boxing victory over Aleksandra Daniel in Dublin. After winning the women’s losers bracket at the Kingpyn High Stakes semifinals by unanimous decision, Hemsley celebrated in an unconventional and controversial manner.

As the crowd watched in surprise, Hemsley flashed the audience and jumped with her breasts exposed. However, she quickly realized the gravity of her actions and apologized during the post-fight interview, which took place inside the ring. The incident immediately went viral, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

While some individuals may have enjoyed the unexpected display, Top Rank promoter Eddie Hearn was not among them. In a recent interview with Boxing Social, Hearn expressed his disapproval of such behavior and called for a clear distinction between traditional professional boxing and the world of celebrity and influencer boxing matches.

Hearn acknowledged that his opinion might come across as preachy, but he emphasized the importance of respecting women in boxing for their skills, hard work, and dedication. He firmly stated that incidents like Hemsley’s celebratory display should be completely separated from professional boxing. Hearn expressed his desire for the sport to distance itself from the entertainment-oriented events like Misfits and Kingpyn.

Although he recognized that these types of events generate high viewership and serve as entertainment, Hearn believed they do not align with the values and principles of professional boxing. He viewed Hemsley’s actions as a reflection of societal trends rather than a positive or negative influence on the sport. In conclusion, Hearn made it clear that he disliked such incidents and preferred a more respectful approach to boxing.

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