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College Football Playoff Rankings prediction: Michigan on top, Georgia needs to make up ground in top 25 – CBS Sports | spot, followed by alabama, georgia, and cincinnati.

College football fans eagerly awaited the release of the official College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings on October 31, but CBS Sports analyst Jerry Palm couldn’t resist taking a crack at predicting the rankings a week early. Palm’s predictions shake up the rankings, with Michigan securing the top spot and Georgia needing to make up ground.

Although these predictions are not official, Palm’s insight provides an interesting look into what the CFP rankings might unfold. According to Palm, if the rankings were unveiled a week prior, Michigan would claim the coveted number one spot. The Wolverines have showcased a dominant performance this season, undefeated in their games so far. Their strong performance has catapulted them to the top of Palm’s predicted rankings.

On the other hand, Georgia, a team that has been a part of the College Football Playoff in recent years, finds themselves in a challenging position in Palm’s predictions. Currently ranked lower than expected, the Bulldogs will need to put in extra effort to make up ground and secure a higher position in the top 25 rankings.

Palm’s predictions have sparked conversations and debates among college football enthusiasts, who eagerly await the official unveiling of the CFP rankings. However, it’s important to note that these predictions are not official and merely represent Palm’s estimation of how the rankings would look a week earlier.

College football fans and experts will have to wait until October 31 to find out the true CFP rankings. Until then, the anticipation continues to build, fueled by predictions such as Palm’s, which offer a glimpse into the potential top 25 standings.

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