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Chamber Connection for October 17 Ksst Radio • 12 hours ago Award-Winning Stews and Heartwarming Unity: Hopkins County’s Annual Stew Contest

Headline: Annual Stew Contest in Hopkins County Draws Crowds and Celebrates Community Spirit

Date: October 17, 2023

Hopkins County held its highly anticipated Annual Stew Contest last weekend, showcasing the region’s culinary talent and fostering a sense of unity among local residents. The event, which took place on the front porch of the county courthouse, attracted participants and visitors from neighboring towns as well.

Organized by the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce, the Stew Contest has become a tradition that brings people together to celebrate local culture and cuisine. This year’s contest featured a wide variety of mouth-watering stews, each prepared by enthusiastic participants vying for the top prize.

In conjunction with the contest, the Chamber also hosted the Chamber Connection event on October 17, where local businesses gathered to network and share their achievements. The event, held at KSST Radio, provided a platform for entrepreneurs and community members to exchange ideas and forge new connections.

While the event primarily focuses on celebrating the stew tradition in Hopkins County, there were also other notable occurrences during this time. T-Mobile, a well-known telecommunications company, marked National Boss Day at the prestigious Lincoln Financial Field on October 16. Furthermore, fans of the popular puzzle game WordBrain can look forward to a special Halloween event in 2023.

Apart from these events, October 17 also marked National Pasta Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the beloved Italian dish. Pasta lovers across the country indulged in their favorite pasta recipes, highlighting the diverse and delicious ways this culinary staple can be enjoyed.

As the community comes together to enjoy the Annual Stew Contest and participate in various celebrations, October 17th has become a significant date for Hopkins County residents. It is a day when everyone can showcase their unique talents, support local businesses, and take pride in their community.

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