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Buzzfeed Takes a Bold Step: Hot Ones and More Shows Sold to FilmRise! | BuzzFeed Sells Huge Library of Shows, Including ‘Hot Ones,’ to FilmRise – Variety

BuzzFeed has recently made a significant business move by selling a extensive collection of shows, which includes the immensely popular series “Hot Ones,” to FilmRise. This acquisition by the film, TV, and streaming platform has garnered attention and excitement from fans of the hit YouTube series.

“Hot Ones,” hosted by Sean Evans, has gained a massive following due to its unique concept and engaging format. The show features celebrities attempting to consume progressively spicier buffalo wings while being interviewed by Evans. As the Scoville levels rise, guests are often pushed to their limits, resulting in hilarious and captivating moments.

With FilmRise now taking over the distribution of “Hot Ones” and other BuzzFeed shows, fans can expect exciting new developments for the series. FilmRise is known for its dedication to bringing quality content across various platforms, making it an ideal partner for the continuation and expansion of the beloved show.

This acquisition marks an important milestone for both BuzzFeed and FilmRise. BuzzFeed has long been at the forefront of digital media, creating innovative and trend-setting content. The sale of their show library allows BuzzFeed to focus on its core strengths, while entrusting the future of the acquired shows to FilmRise, a company known for its expertise in distributing and monetizing content.

As for FilmRise, this purchase represents a significant step in their growth strategy. The addition of BuzzFeed shows, including “Hot Ones,” strengthens their already-impressive lineup. The company has a track record of successfully acquiring and distributing quality series and films, making them a trusted name in the industry.

The future looks promising for “Hot Ones” and its dedicated fanbase. With FilmRise’s involvement, there is great potential for the show to reach even wider audiences and continue to entertain viewers with its unique blend of spicy challenges and celebrity interviews.

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